Information about Sherlock Zone


 A Trustworthy Platform for Millennials


The booming Indian economy has increased investment in India with many wanting to take advantage and be part of this flourishing opportunity. However, there are challenges while taking the plunge to become part of this economic growth.

Similarly Indian families, particularly Non Resident Indians (NRIs), often struggle to get things done without being victims of fraud. Middlemen, biased opinions, spurious agencies make life difficult, resulting in fraudulent dealings and a lengthy litigation which is expensive and time consuming.


Why Trust Us?

Sherlock Zone was born with the sole aim to bridge this gap.

We are one-of-its-kind technology interface that helps clients, across India and other parts of the world, to connect with a unique network of highly skilled, scrutinized and meticulous service providers on one platform for the benefit of businesses and individuals.

We provide a peer-to-peer marketplace for connecting various professionals to varied sets of clientele, saving the time, frustration, money and most importantly fraudulent dealings.


Values and Principles

Sherlock Zone platform is established to build trust in relationships.

People and organizations want efficiency, transparency and trust in the dealings and are desirous of extenuating risks with the expertise of a professional. With a comprehensive and cohesive platform to connect with the right professional, you can depend on the platform without batting an eyelid.

Businesses and Individuals have their unique needs for using the platform.

We are committed to connect businesses and individuals with the best professional service providers to promote trust between parties.

Our Value Proposition

Sherlock Zone platform has created community guidelines for both buyers and service providers to operate within a certain framework, for the benefit of all.

We offer a payment protection feature, providing peace of mind and security to both parties.

Professionalism and trustworthiness is our commitment to you. 

Sherlock Zone is the support system we all have been waiting for. Now, you can confidently get stuff done, at the click of a button, sitting in the comfort of your home!